A rogue-lite FPS in Arabian-cyberpunk world.

A couple of day ago I finally opened a steam page for a game I was making for a year.

It's called 1001st Hyper Tower and it is a rogue-lite FPS in Arabian-cyberpunk world.

The key feature is you climbing a ridiculously tall futuristic structure in the middle of a desert. So it's basically a reversed dungeon crawler in 3D. Everything is procedurally generated and completely destructible. It’s easy to wander around, but hard to get lost. The only right direction is upward. But the way you climb is up to you.

You can sneak through the inside rooms or jump from one roof to another or even find some flying creature and take a short ride on it's back! There are a lot of jump boosters, hooks, jet-packs and so on.

The Tower divided into districts such as The Silk Road, Drones Nests, Bazaar, Opium Den, Hammam, Golden Garage and The Spire. Each of them has unique rivals and environment.

It already has a steam page, so you can check it. Or ask me here anything about the game or development process.


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